iSee Communications (ISC) is committed to the idea that great storytelling is great marketing. Genuine and powerful images make an impression that will stick with your target audience for years to come. 

In the last two decades, traditional outlets like local television, newspapers and magazines have seen their audience shrink dramatically. That is why it is more important than ever for businesses and organizations to craft their own stories - and not rely on media outlets to do this vital task on their behalf.  iSee Communications specializes in creating short-form video stories and mini-documentaries for special events, social, online marketing campaigns.

Many businesses and organizations recognize the value of high quality video content but struggle to divert the necessary staff time to plan and create it. ISC will help you through the entire planning and production process. 

  • How does video fit within your overall marketing strategy? 
  • What are your marketing and communications goals? 
  • How will the video strengthen your brand? 
  • What is your distribution strategy? 
  • What kind of video content would offer the greatest return on your investment?  

Chris Hintz is writer, marketing professional and storyteller who specializes in the craft of video. After earning a master's degree in journalism from Indiana University he has made storytelling a continuous thread throughout his marketing career. In each of his professional roles, Chris found a way to incorporate video storytelling into the overall marketing strategy. With each video new story, it became clear that video is the most effective communications tool available for businesses and organizations to share their message. He also simply fell in love with the process of creating great video stories. With the help of several incredible mentors along the way, he started iSee Communications in 2016 and feels lucky to do what he does every day.